A really worthy collaboration started three years ago: Kroonenberg Groep entered into a lease agreement for the Voedselbank (food bank) for 2 refrigerated vans to collect fresh produce from supermarkets. These vans travelled throughout Amsterdam daily to ensure the quick and proper transport of all that fresh and healthy food.

Now that the world looks a little different, the challenges facing the food bank are also different. In recognition and support of this, Kroonenberg Groep has signed a new 3-year lease agreement for a Volkswagen Crafter with a tail lift. This new van means that the food bank will have more space and therefore more opportunities for efficient transport.

The COVID-19 crisis has also had a major impact on the Amsterdam food bank. The number of customers has grown by more than 45% since the start of the crisis. As a result, they have to tackle the challenge of providing nearly 4,800 Amsterdam residents (including 1,750 children) with a weekly food package. Not only does this require sufficient donations from producers, supermarkets & individuals, it also has a major impact on logistics and the supply of food donations. The new van will be able to make an important contribution to the daily transport of food.

For Lesley Bamberger, CEO of Kroonenberg Groep, extending the collaboration with Voedselbank Amsterdam was a given: “These times require seeking out good initiatives in the city that need support. We think it is really important for us to contribute in this way to ensure that the food bank is able to meet its ever-increasing logistical demands.”

Voedselbank Amsterdam is particularly pleased with the support it has received from the Kroonenberg Groep because this new van really simplifies the logistics process, which in turn enables them to provide the growing number of customers with food every week. Kroonenberg Groep helps ensure that Voedselbank Amsterdam can continue to make an important contribution to preventing food waste on the one hand and helping to combat poverty on the other.