Kroonenberg Groep has started the redevelopment of the building located at Apollolaan 171 in Amsterdam. Architectural firm OMA has created a design for a high-end office building on Apollolaan, one of the most prominent green avenues in Amsterdam. The five-storey building replaces the largely opaque office building of the JP Morgan bank from the late 1980s.

Apollolaan 171 is set on a corner location with a mix of higher-end offices, homes and luxury hotels in the area. The design is transparent and responds to its environment, which is defined by Berlage’s historical architecture from the early 20th century. The side of the building facing Apollolaan is characterized by interlocking glass volumes that resemble a jigsaw puzzle. The transparency that this creates visually draws the greenery of the environment into the interior. The main entrance to the office building is on the corner. Here, the volumes are further reduced with a recessed facade on the ground floor, creating an inviting public space at the entrance of the building along the Apollolaan. The building is terraced on the side facing the residential area. The facade on this side is clad in custom-designed bricks arranged to create a woven effect.

The transparency of the building provides a lot of light and offers a view for the tenants. Green marble in the central core reflects the wealth of trees on Apollolaan and this material is also used in the lobby to decorate the entrance. Tracey Emin’s flamingo-pink neon installation with the text ‘The more of you the more I love you’ will once again be given a prominent place. Originally hung on the outer wall of the former bank building, the artwork remains visible to passers-by thanks to the transparency of the new architecture.

Kroonenberg Groep has been the full owner of Apollolaan 171 since November 2020. Lesley Bamberger, CEO of Kroonenberg Groep: “We are constantly looking for opportunities to develop our real estate, allowing new possibilities for exploitation. We start from the basis of always wanting to add something to an area. This new development at Apollolaan 171 fits in perfectly with our vision. It gives the neighbourhood extra allure.”

David Gianotten, architect OMA: “Apollolaan 171 is a design with a dual character. The transparent facade along the Apollolaan gives the building an open and inviting quality, yet its distinctive fine masonry makes it a delicate and unassuming addition to a neighbourhood steeped in history. The inviting design enhances the experience of entering this unique area in Amsterdam South.”

The dismantling of the original bank building has recently started. The existing building will be demolished down to the ground floor and the existing parking garage will be maintained. The new building will be built on top of it. Ultimately, more than 6,500 m² of office space will be realized for rental purposes, with parking in the basement for cars, scooters and bicycles. Construction work will begin in the autumn of 2021 and the building is scheduled to be completed in mid-2023.