Lindershof | Dordrecht

Kroonenberg Groep has presented its plans for transforming the Lindershuis in Dordrecht. The former department store will be made accessible by restoring the old Bagijnestraat to its former glory and creating an attractive urban courtyard.

The historic buildings lining the courtyard will largely be restored and made suitable for an attractive combination of shops, apartments, bars and restaurants, and a hotel. The name of the courtyard - The Lindershof - is entirely appropriate for its historic context. 

The Lindershof will be enclosed by three historic complexes. Located on Raamstraat is Het Lindershuis, an iconic building created for a department store that was established by the Linders brothers in 1920. On Bagijnhof is the former bank building dating from 1938 that is now used for retail and housing functions. The addresses on Lange Breestraat that include house numbers 8 through 22 are made up of a row of individual historic buildings built between the sixteenth and the late nineteenth century. A pleasant passageway will lead residents, visitors and business owners directly from the Lange Breestraat into the Lindershof.

For this development, Kroonenberg Groep is collaborating with Rijnboutt, an architectural firm in Amsterdam. Rijnboutt was previously responsible for the redevelopment of the Lindershuis now accommodating Costes. D/DOCK, a design and development studio located in Amsterdam, is involved as the delegated developer and interior designer. The environmental permit will be applied for in the spring of 2020.