The property being leased provides approx. 177 m² of retail space on A.J. Ernststraat. The lease went into effect on 1 January. Following a brief installation period, FEBO will open its doors in mid-March.

FEBO was founded in 1942 by Johan de Borst, a pastry baker who soon focused on making croquettes. The demand for them was so great that he closed his shop in 1960 but continued the business as a chain of automats selling croquettes and other fresh fast-food items. The chain now has more than 70 locations and is still owned by family De Borst. The croquettes and hamburgers are still prepared fresh every day according to Grandpa De Borst’s original recipes and continuously monitored to make sure that the products are up to the same standard of quality as ever.

Kroonenberg Groep is advised by KroesePaternotte in leasing properties at Gelderlandplein.