Kroonenberg Groep has adapted its plans for transforming the Lindershuis in Dordrecht. The former department store is to be transformed into high-end apartments.

Plans for the redevelopment of the Lindershuis were presented at the end of 2019: the courtyard development would include a hotel along with an attractive combination of shops, apartments, bars and restaurants. In view of the current market and the changes that have arisen due to Covid-19, Kroonenberg Groep has revised its plans and decided to turn the hotel part into apartments too.

Thanks to the smart design that was presented in December, the plan can remain intact for the most part without the need for major adjustments. One major adjustment is that the internal courtyard will be more enclosed, enabling pleasant outside space to be created for the apartments in the middle of Dordrecht’s historic city centre.

A plan for apartments instead of a hotel will be drawn up over the coming months. Naturally, the design will need to focus on the aspects inherent to residential development and in addition, just like before, the community will need to be involved in the process. In line with all its residential projects, Kroonenberg Groep will focus on delivering distinctive quality for users.

Alderman Sleeking from the municipality of Dordrecht gave his initial reaction: “Given the current situation, we understand the decision that Kroonenberg Groep has made. Although we would still wholeheartedly approve of a hotel on this site, we also think that the alternative of apartments is a good fit for the site. It would be an enormous improvement for both Raamstraat and Lange Breestraat for the building to no longer be vacant and for the façades to be renovated. The most important thing is that this developer wants to invest in Dordrecht’s city centre.”

The adapted plan still involves renovating the (mostly historical) buildings in order to reduce the vacancy rate in the city centre. Furthermore, its close cooperation with the municipality and advisors has enabled Kroonenberg Groep to adapt its development strategy in a relatively short period of time while retaining the quality of the project. A new schedule will also be produced during the formulation of the plans. As soon as the plans have been developed into more detail, they will also be shared with the local residents and other stakeholders.