The Kalverpassage, formerly known as the Kalvertoren, is a shopping area in the centre of Amsterdam. A far-reaching renovation between 2016 and 2018 has given the Kalverpassage a completely different look: the shopping area has gained a great deal of allure and also has a much lighter and more transparent feel about it.The materials used as well as the open and transparent character of the design ensure that the new Kalverpassage fits perfectly into its environment. As a result, shoppers visiting the Kalverstraat and the Heiligeweg will find themselves drawn naturally and unobtrusively into the newly designed shopping arcade.


The impressive LED ceilings in the entrance areas were designed and developed especially for the Kalverpassage. In designing the TRIANGULAR GRID (2018), the artist Sigrid Calon explored the boundaries of what is possible with the use of triangular LED panels. This resulted in a palette of 364 colours, based on the days of the year.