Berghaus Plaza | Amsterdam

Berghaus Plaza is situated right at the heart of Amsterdam’s inspiring fashion district: an environment brimming with dynamism, pioneering spirit, activity and - most of all - creativity. The surrounding area on the A10 is still a fairly sprawling area of the city where almost all the properties are office buildings. The area around Berghaus Plaza, however, is on the rise and promises to become a lively urban area accommodating residential, office and recreational facilities in the near future. All good reasons to redevelop Berghaus Plaza. 

The existing Berghaus Plaza will internally be divided into offices and apartments, while its existing parking facility will be used to build a 10-storey office tower. Two residential towers will be constructed on top of the existing building, creating an 11-storey building. 

Berghaus Plaza itself - a typical 4-storey building from the 1960s - will also undergo a dramatic makeover. Two large areas - a large atrium for office users and a beautiful courtyard for residents – are being created to provide more incoming light.