With its generous windows, elegant steel constructions and white plasterwork, Molukkenstraat 200 characterizes itself as a typical 1950s building: functional, transparent and above all timeless. This former bandage fabric factory of Koninklijke Utermöhlen NV was built here in 1955 under architecture, but despite its age and thanks to a thorough renovation, the building looks fresh and modern again in the year 2020. The stylish staircase with concrete canopy has been kept here in its original state. And once inside, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the large amount of light falling through the glass facade and the open connection to the street. Together with the uninterrupted work floor and meter-long sightlines, this creates an interior with a wonderful spacious feeling.


A gasless climate system was installed and the window frames were replaced with similar insulated aluminium profiles with triple glazing. To emphasise the lightness of the building, a glass lift shaft with a slender steel staircase was installed, which connects the three floors in a spatial manner. In addition, the windows in the lower office floor have been considerably enlarged. The entrance has been restored to its former glory, adding contemporary comfort. Electric glass sliding doors and a generous and transparent entrance hall welcome the new tenant.