Kroonenberg Groep has reached an agreement with Pon Direct Retail BV for the long-term lease of the retail space located on the ground floor of Quartz at Buitenveldertselaan 80 in Amsterdam. The leased property involves approximately 300 m2 of retail space.

Quartz is part of Q Residences. This complex covers an area of 27,600 m2 and consists of a plaza and two residential buildings, namely the mid-rise Qube building and the elegant, high-rise Quartz building. In addition to the 248 flats built in the project, commercial spaces have been created on the ground floor. CUPRA will now take up residence in the commercial space below Quartz.

CUPRA is an independent, Spanish brand with its own unique identity. CUPRA proves that electric and hybrid driving provides a powerful adrenaline boost. Their cars are targeted at car enthusiasts who want to contribute to sustainability while experiencing energy and unforgettable driving pleasure. This CUPRA garage will enable consumers to enjoy the ultimate CUPRA experience.

Kroonenberg Groep was assisted in the lease by KroesePaternotte.

Kroonenberg Groep has reached an agreement with Snipes for the long-term lease of a shop located at Kalverstraat 48 in Amsterdam. The leased property involves a retail space of around 1,100 m2 distributed over the ground floor, basement and first floor.

Kroonenberg Groep recently refurbished the premises previously occupied by TopShop based on a design by Office Winhov architects. Prior to the redevelopment, Kalverstraat 48 was a retail space of about 2,200 m2 spread over five floors, which extended to the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal. The property was split during the redevelopment, creating 1,100 m2 of high-quality office space in addition to the retail space, with access from Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 269 and spread over the ground, 2nd and 3rd floors overlooking the lively Kalverstraat.

With more than 750 sales outlets in Europe and the US and its online shop, Snipes offers

trendy streetwear clothing and trainers as well as classic timeless looks from brands such as adidas, Jordan, Karl Kani, Nike, Reebok and Vans. The range is distinguished by its own SNIPES collections and successful collaborations with other streetwear brands plus exclusive trainer models.

The lease commences on 1 January 2024. Kroonenberg Groep was assisted in the lease by KroesePaternotte, while City Real Estate assisted the tenant.

Kroonenberg Groep has reached an agreement with Closed for the long-term lease of a store located at Van Baerlestraat 15 in Amsterdam. The leased property is a retail space of approximately 250 m², where Steinberg will be located until mid-December.

Closed is an internationally successful fashion brand with a long family tradition. The company was founded in Italy in 1978 as a denim label and has been based in Hamburg, Germany since the early 1990s. It stands for high-quality ready-to-wear collections with a focus on quality, craftsmanship and details. This is Closed’s third store in Amsterdam and its fourth in the Netherlands.

Kroonenberg Groep was assisted in the lease by B&O Retail, while KroesePaternotte assisted the tenant.

Kroonenberg Groep has reached agreement with Daily Flowers and The PhoneLab for long-term leases at Gelderlandplein. The former Rituals retail space has been split for these two new tenants.

Daily Flowers has signed a long-term lease agreement for a 76 m2 retail space. Daily Flowers had been a tenant of the kiosk at the central square of the shopping centre since this spring but has now moved to its temporary store next to Jumbo. It will be located at its permanent location starting in spring 2024. With its extensive range of beautiful flowers, vases and accessories, it’s a great addition to the range of stores at the shopping centre.

The PhoneLab will be located next to Daily Flowers and has signed a long-term lease for a 66 retail space. The lease commenced on 01 October 2023 and the store will be opening soon. ThePhoneLab repairs smartphones and tablets in-store and without the need for an appointment. It has branches in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. The store on Gelderlandplein is the ninth store. The tenant was assisted by City Real Estate.

Kroonenberg Groep is advised on the leasing of Gelderlandplein properties by KroesePaternotte.

Kroonenberg Groep has reached an agreement with Divine & Delicious for a long-term lease in the Gelderlandplein shopping plaza. The leased property concerns a retail space on the Willem van Weldammelaan side, offering 164 m² on the ground floor and 60 m² in the basement. The lease commenced on 1 July.

Divine & Delicious is a high-quality kitchenware store selling a wide range of cookware. They offer a great deal of choice for both amateur and professional chefs, with brands such as Demeyere, Staub, Zwilling and Miyabi. The store is currently still located at Hoofddorpplein in Amsterdam, but is going to open its new store in the Gelderlandplein shopping plaza in September.

This week Shilla opened a second store in the Gelderlandplein shopping plaza. The leased property concerns 42 m² of retail space at a location which used to be home to a Happy Print store. The lease commenced on 1 April 2023. The new store, % by Shilla, is specialised in saké and Asian wines and beers. The Shilla Japanese and Korean Foodmarket is a very popular foodmarket in the Gelderlandplein shopping plaza, with the largest range of Japanese and Korean foodstuffs in the whole of the Netherlands. Shilla also sells sushi which is prepared fresh every day. By leasing this new store, Shilla is looking to continue broadening its range.

Kroonenberg Groep is advised on the leasing of Gelderlandplein properties by KroesePaternotte.

Apollolaan 171, Amsterdam’s newest state-of-the-art office building, was officially opened. The office building was commissioned by Kroonenberg Groep and designed by OMA / David Gianotten. The result is a transparent building that responds to its surroundings that are defined by Berlage’s historic architecture from the early 20th century.

Lesley Bamberger, CEO of Kroonenberg Groep says, “At this prominent location on Apollolaan, we have together created a fantastic office building, which is having a really positive impact on the whole area. The design is very much in keeping with the local surroundings, into which it is naturally embedded. It is with pride that we look forward to this wonderful addition to the city.”

David Gianotten – OMA Managing Partner – Architect: “Apollolaan 171 is located among a mix of boutique office buildings, residences, and luxury hotels. Our main goal is to connect the new architecture to the vibrant neighbourhood through form and materials, unlike the original building which was more isolated due to the bank’s security requirements. In our design, the interlocking glass volumes along Apollolaan 171 give the building an inviting character, while the brick façade on residential Titiaanstraat evokes Berlage’s historic architecture.”

Berlage’s influence on Amsterdam Zuid and therefore indirectly on Apollolaan 171 is embodied by the ‘Hendrik Petrus Berlage, 2023‘ sculpture, installed next to the entrance to the office building. The purpose of this work of art is, according to artist Xavier Veilhans, not just to make the presence of architects felt, but also to define them. The result is an impressive bronze bust whose pose is taken from photographs of Berlage.

Apollolaan is a prominent green avenue in Amsterdam Zuid, a district characterised by a mix of historic urban villas and modern buildings with both residential and office functions. In the 1980s, the building with a largely opaque façade was built on a corner plot on Apollolaan, based on a winning design by Wim Quist that beat the other competition entries, including those by OMA. As the building changed from JP Morgan’s workplace to rental offices, the original design no longer met the new functional needs. Apollolaan 171 has been developed as a contemporary office offering a more open working environment, integrated with its surroundings.

The side of the building overlooking Apollolaan is characterised by interlocking glass pieces, as if they were a jigsaw puzzle. The transparent glass façade gives the building an open and inviting appearance and provides natural light inside. The green marble with which the lobby and central hall are decorated stylishly complements the greenery of the numerous trees outside. The main entrance is located at the corner. On the residential Titiaanstraat side, the building is stepped and clad in interwoven custom-made bricks, matching the historic houses in the area. The shape of the building incorporates several viewing terraces, including a roof terrace for use by tenants.

Apollolaan 171 stands on the preserved basement of the old building, the original foundations of which have been used for the new building in order to minimise waste. There was a strong focus on sustainability throughout the project, as reflected in its embedding in the greenery of the surrounding area. It also meets the requirements of Amsterdam’s ambitious sustainability programme. Other sustainability features include the sedum roofs that retain rainwater and solar panels that provide electricity to the charging stations for electric cars. The building also has triple glazing and a state-of-the-art climate control system.

Tracey Emin’s ‘The more of you the more I love you’ – the neon pink signature on the opaque outer wall of the old building – has been reinstalled in the driveway to the car park. The artwork is visible to the public through the building’s new glass façade.

A total of 6,600 m2 of office space has been created that is being offered on a letting basis to multiple tenants. Discussions with various parties on this are now at an advanced stage. The building was constructed by JP van Eesteren, while project management was in the hands of vb&t project management. Cie Architecten was responsible for the technical and executive design.

Kroonenberg Groep has reached an agreement with Albert Heijn for the lease of the store located at Buitenveldertselaan 156 in Amsterdam.

This regards a 966 m² retail space spread over the ground floor and basement.

The building located at Buitenveldertselaan 148 — 156 was demolished at the end of 2022, maintaining the existing concrete structure. Designed by Dam & Partners Architects, the building will be redeveloped, providing it with a new façade and adding an additional floor and roof terrace to the building. The use of light grey natural stone, dark-tinted ceramic tiles and aluminium frames give the building an industrial feel. By adding new façade elements, consisting of deep frames filled with aluminium profiles, the building acquires a more transparent appearance on all floors. On the ground floor, the use of large glass panels has strengthened the relationship between inside and outside space.

In addition to the new Albert Heijn on the ground floor, there is also an entrance to the four floors above, which are destined for office use. A total of 3,300 m² of office space will be built. The renovated building also has an industrial look inside with concrete structures and visible installations. The building’s location is ideal because it borders a small shopping area and is a stone’s throw from the prestigious Zuidas district.

Delivery to Albert Heijn took place this week and, after a short installation period, the store will open its doors on 12 December.

The offices on the upper floors will be completed in the 2nd quarter of 2024. Kroonenberg Groep is assisted in renting out the offices by Van Dijk & Ten Cate.

Kroonenberg Groep has reached an agreement with Yonego for the long-term lease of office space in the Barones shopping centre in Breda. The leased property consists of a space of approximately 960 m² and a roof terrace of approximately 190 m². Yonego supports its clients in developing an effective go-to-market strategy and in making optimal use of and improving online marketing.

To realise this high-quality office space, Kroonenberg Groep redeveloped the 2nd and 3rd floors of the former H&M store following a design by architect Nina Graziosi. The space previously used for storage and staff has been transformed into a modern, sustainable office space. Original details such as the stained glass windows have been restored to their former glory in this monumental part of the Barones. The office space has an entrance on the Nieuwstraat and in the shopping centre.

The Barones shopping centre is home to an attractive mix of brands, with fashionable clothing stores such as The Sting, Pull&Bear, Bershka, Sissy Boy, Guess, de Koopman and Only, large chains such as Etos, Xenos and T-Mobile, and local businesses such as Tierelantijn and Koffie bij Teun.

Kroonenberg Groep was advised on this transaction by Van der Sande Van Opstal Bedrijfsmakelaars and De Lobel & Partners.

Kroonenberg Groep has agreed a long-term lease with Wam Denim for a store located at Nieuwendijk 121 in Amsterdam. Kroonenberg Groep fully renovated the premises in anticipation of the lease. The lease relates to approximately 141 m² of retail space and 70m² of storage space.

Wam Denim is an international fashion retailer specialised in men’s clothing which offers products via its online platform and which has more than 40 stores in Europe. The company started out as a small-scale family business in 2001. Since the beginning the goal was to create high-quality products at affordable prices.

Kroonenberg Groep received leasing advice in this instance from Kroese Paternotte and Cushman & Wakefield. The lease commenced on 1 February 2023. The store recently opened its doors.

Kroonenberg Groep has agreed a long-term lease with Pink Gellac for a store located at Nieuwendijk 229 in Amsterdam. The lease relates to approximately 100 m² of retail space and 38m² of storage space.

It is going to be Pink Gellac’s first physical store in Amsterdam. Pink Gellac regards nail treatments as a way to express yourself and offers premium high-quality nail products. The collections are inspired by self-confident women and men and complement the style and character of the people who wear them.

Kroonenberg Groep received leasing advice in this instance from Kroese Paternotte and Cushman & Wakefield, while Pink Gellac was advised by Vastgoedintervisie. The lease commenced on 15 January 2023 and the store celebrated their opening this morning.