Kroonenberg Groep and Pets Place have reached agreement on long-term leases in various shopping centres. At the Gansehof shopping centre in Coevorden the lease commenced this spring and concerns approximately 485 m² of retail space.

At the Hoogvliet shopping centre in Rotterdam the lease commenced on 1 April. It relates to a retail space at Binnenban 35-43 which measures approximately 565 m² and which is divided between the ground floor and basement.

The lease for the Hilvertshof shopping centre in Hilversum also commenced on 1 April. In Hilvertshof Pets Place is leasing approximately 920 m² of space in the basement where the Dirk supermarket is also located.

Lastly, a long-term lease has been agreed for a store at Gelderlandplein in Amsterdam which is commencing on 1 July. This store is located in the basement, with a spacious entrance on the ground floor. It covers an area of approximately 1,245 m² and is also going to include dog wash facilities where visitors can wash their dogs themselves. All necessities for washing will be available.

Pets Place is a retail chain which currently has around 200 pet stores throughout the country. Pets Place offers a complete range of pet food and a broad and up-to-date range of pet supplies. The retail chain’s focus is primarily on dogs, cats, rodents, birds, fish and outdoor living.

Once the leases have commenced all the stores will undergo fitting out work for a short period before opening their doors to the public.

Support with these transactions between Kroonenberg Groep and Pets Place was provided by Brickstone.

Kroonenberg Groep has reached agreement with Skins Cosmetics for a long-term lease at Gelderlandplein. Skins Cosmetics has moved into the retail premises located at Gelderlandplein 167, next to Holland & Barrett and Ici Paris XL. The leased property concerns approximately 120m² on the ground floor and 25m² on the mezzanine level. The lease commenced on 15 January 2022 and the store is going to open on 7 April. Skins Cosmetics opened its first store in the Netherlands in the year 2000. The company uses its salons to introduce unique brands from all over the world, which all have a unique story behind them, and that makes Skins Cosmetics the go-to store for exceptional beauty products and exquisite perfumes.

A long-term agreement has been concluded with Ramón Mossel Makelaardij for the premises located at AJ Ernststraat 551 – 559, which used to be home to a branch of ING bank. Ramón Mossel Makelaardij has been located in the Maasstraat since 2003 and is a well-known name on the Amsterdam residential property market. The leased property concerns approximately 284 m² of office space. The lease commenced on 5 January 2022 and the office is going to open in May.

Finally a lease has been concluded with Ton Overmars Slijterij for the premises located at Gelderlandplein 20 which, up to now, was home to Steppin Out.

Ton Overmars Slijterij opened its first store in the Hoofddorpplein neighbourhood in 1971. The store is famous for its extensive range of wines and spirits, including many different types of whisky and gin. Ton Overmars employs various wine experts and specialists in the field of spirits and beers to provide customers with high-quality and tailor-made advice. The lease commenced on 1 April 2022 and the retail space measures approximately 95 m². The store is going to open in a couple of weeks.

Kroonenberg Groep has reached agreement with XNRGY Club B.V. for a long-term lease agreement for the premises located at De Flinessestraat 8 – 10 and Van der Madeweg.

The leased space is an impressive industrial unit covering approximately 3,515 m².

The location was previously leased by Paardekooper Verpakking and Oriental Enterprise Tong Fong. At the end of 2020 Kroonenberg Groep decided to demolish the premises and construct an entirely new industrial unit which fully complies with today’s requirements. The growing demand for padel centres meant that agreement was quickly reached with XNRGY.

XNRGY offers enough space for 10 indoor padel courts.

The lease was concluded on 1 March 2022 and the padel courts opened to customers today.

Kroonenberg Groep has reached agreement with Sports Unlimited Retail Nederland BV on a long-term lease for a branch of Sprinter at Osdorpplein 128 in Amsterdam. The lease relates to 965 m² of retail space which used to be home to a branch of H&M. H&M has relocated to larger premises in Osdorpplein. The lease commenced on 1 January 2022. The store is going to open in April after a short period of fitting out work. This will be the first branch established by this formula in the Netherlands.

Sprinter is an international sports retailer which offers its customers clothing, shoes and sports articles by most leading sports brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Puma and North Face, in addition to a wide range of its own brand products for sports such as football, running and fitness.

Kroonenberg Groep received leasing advice from KroesePaternotte and the tenant was assisted by Jacobs van de Meij.

Kroonenberg Groep has reached agreement with various tenants regarding long-term leases in the Gansehof shopping centre in Coevorden.

HEMA already had an outlet in Gansehof but has relocated within the shopping centre to a retail space at a nice high-profile location on the Friesestraat. The leased space measures approximately 960 m². HEMA is also going to implement its latest hospitality concept in this fully renovated store. The lease commenced in mid-September and the store opened to shoppers at the end of 2021.

A lease has been concluded with Xenos for a store with approximately 555 m² of floor space. The lease commenced on 1 January 2022 and the store is going to open at the beginning of 2022 after a short period of fitting-out work. With around 150 shops throughout the Netherlands, Xenos has been one of the country’s most successful retail formats since 1973. Over the years, Xenos has grown into a chain of home goods, tableware and food shops that sell the best products and accessories at low prices.

Okay Fashion has concluded a long-term lease for approximately 225m² of retail space. The lease commenced on 1 January 2022 and the store is going to open this spring after a period of fitting-out work. Okay Fashion opened its first store more than 5 years ago. The chain now has 40 stores located primarily in the northern provinces of the Netherlands. At Okay Fashion, shoppers will find fashion brands such as Vila, Vero Moda, Only, Jacqueline de Yong, Jack & Jones and Only & Sons.

Lastly, a lengthy extension was agreed to the lease with gift store ‘Het Ambacht’, which is an existing tenant. ‘Het Ambacht’ is a charming gift store which sells a variety of home-made articles in addition to home accessories and fun gadgets. The home-made articles include artisan candles and greetings cards. Het Ambacht also organises daytime activities for people with a mental disability in collaboration with Cosis.

The Gansehof shopping centre leases are being arranged on the basis of collaboration between Kroonenberg Groep and Euverman Bedrijfsmakelaars, while the lease with Okay Fashion was the result of cooperation between Kroonenberg Groep and Uniek Makelaars.

Kroonenberg Groep has reached an agreement with Poké Perfect for a long-term lease in the Hilvertshof shopping centre in Hilversum.

Poké Perfect Hilvertshof will occupy a retail space of approximately 90 m² on the Groest. This retail space is the former location of D-Reizen. This means that the store is located on Hilversum’s catering and hospitality street, where the Hilvertshof Vishandel and Dunkin Donuts are also located. The lease entered into effect at the end of October.

Poké Perfect is a food concept that stands for fast, healthy food with sustainable, fresh products. The Poké bowl is originally a Hawaiian dish in which (sushi) rice and various types of toppings such as fresh fish, vegetables and delicious sauces are served in a large bowl. The shop will soon open its doors and is the chain’s 12th branch in the Netherlands.

Kroonenberg Groep is advised by KroesePaternotte on the leasing of premises in the Hilvertshof shopping centre. Poké Perfect was assisted by Bosman Location Search.

Kroonenberg Groep has reached an agreement with DHL Express for the long-term lease of a property at Daniel Goedkoopstraat 25 in Amsterdam. The leased property offers approximately 565 m² of retail space. Agreement has been reached with Paintpartners for the long-term lease of business premises of approximately 720 m² at Daniel Goedkoopstraat 27. The business premises were previously one space but were split to make this rental possible. The lease agreements entered into effect on 1 November.

DHL is an international subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL. DHL Express is primarily known as an international courier company for the shipment of parcels and letters.

With, Paintpartners will open a wholesaler for business customers and also distribute its sales to consumers via the internet from this location. Paintpartners has an assortment of over 90 professional brands of paint, wallpaper, paint products and painting and wallpaper supplies.

Kroonenberg Groep was assisted in this transaction by GA Makelaars (Realtors) and EVS Vastgoed (Real Estate).

At one of the most prominent locations in Buitenveldert the Kroonenberg Groep is developing a new icon of international allure. Its name is Quartz and this icon has reached its highest point. That milestone was celebrated with the hoisting of a symbolic letter Q during a ceremony attended by architects, the contractor and the developer.

Quartz is part of Q Residences. It is a unique place to live comprising two residential towers. One is the northern high-rise Quartz tower and the other is the southern low-rise Qube tower. The residential complex combines a perfect location with the high-quality architecture of Chicago-based Studio Gang, which is one of the most reputable firms of architects in the world, and Rijnboutt in Amsterdam. Q Residences is a new landmark with 248 rental apartments and a plaza designed by Piet Oudolf in collaboration with Deltavormgroep.

The contractor, JP van Eesteren, is responsible for the construction of Q Residences. As Marco Peppel, director at JP van Eesteren, explains “The construction of this striking building is going brilliantly. You can see the iconic design coming to life more and more each and every day. I’d like to pay my compliments to everyone who is contributing and I’m looking forward to the next phase of construction. We’re actually now starting to assemble the graceful, undulating façade elements which make Quartz so attractive. It is a technically challenging job for which we have drawn on all of our construction IQ!”

Lesley Bamberger, CEO of Kroonenberg Groep adds, “Two years ago we met to drive the first pile into the ground. Once the foundations and underground car park had been constructed, building work continued above ground. It was fantastic to see how the two towers rose up higher and higher. At the end of September Qube reached its highest point and now it’s the turn of Quartz. The result will be a new iconic addition to the Amsterdam skyline.”

NEOO is involved in the development of Q Residences as a delegated developer. In the words of NEOO partner Neno Markovic, “We’re proud of the opportunity we’ve had to construct such a high-quality residential complex with all the parties involved, with a matching high level of service.

Kroonenberg Groep has started the redevelopment of the building located at Apollolaan 171 in Amsterdam. Architectural firm OMA has created a design for a high-end office building on Apollolaan, one of the most prominent green avenues in Amsterdam. The five-storey building replaces the largely opaque office building of the JP Morgan bank from the late 1980s.

Apollolaan 171 is set on a corner location with a mix of higher-end offices, homes and luxury hotels in the area. The design is transparent and responds to its environment, which is defined by Berlage’s historical architecture from the early 20th century. The side of the building facing Apollolaan is characterized by interlocking glass volumes that resemble a jigsaw puzzle. The transparency that this creates visually draws the greenery of the environment into the interior. The main entrance to the office building is on the corner. Here, the volumes are further reduced with a recessed facade on the ground floor, creating an inviting public space at the entrance of the building along the Apollolaan. The building is terraced on the side facing the residential area. The facade on this side is clad in custom-designed bricks arranged to create a woven effect.

The transparency of the building provides a lot of light and offers a view for the tenants. Green marble in the central core reflects the wealth of trees on Apollolaan and this material is also used in the lobby to decorate the entrance. Tracey Emin’s flamingo-pink neon installation with the text ‘The more of you the more I love you’ will once again be given a prominent place. Originally hung on the outer wall of the former bank building, the artwork remains visible to passers-by thanks to the transparency of the new architecture.

Kroonenberg Groep has been the full owner of Apollolaan 171 since November 2020. Lesley Bamberger, CEO of Kroonenberg Groep: “We are constantly looking for opportunities to develop our real estate, allowing new possibilities for exploitation. We start from the basis of always wanting to add something to an area. This new development at Apollolaan 171 fits in perfectly with our vision. It gives the neighbourhood extra allure.”

David Gianotten, architect OMA: “Apollolaan 171 is a design with a dual character. The transparent facade along the Apollolaan gives the building an open and inviting quality, yet its distinctive fine masonry makes it a delicate and unassuming addition to a neighbourhood steeped in history. The inviting design enhances the experience of entering this unique area in Amsterdam South.”

The dismantling of the original bank building has recently started. The existing building will be demolished down to the ground floor and the existing parking garage will be maintained. The new building will be built on top of it. Ultimately, more than 6,500 m² of office space will be realized for rental purposes, with parking in the basement for cars, scooters and bicycles. Construction work will begin in the autumn of 2021 and the building is scheduled to be completed in mid-2023.

Kroonenberg Groep has reached an agreement with Jumbo Supermarkets for a long-term lease in the Gelderlandplein shopping centre. Jumbo will be located in the retail premises where Marqt is currently based. The lease commences on August 1st and

The new store, a unique Jumbo City store, will open its doors in autumn. The store combines all the best elements of the regular Jumbo store, the La Place restaurant chain and Jumbo Food Market. Once opened, residents and visitors to Amsterdam will be able to enjoy a distinctive selection of organic products and fresh take-away meals along with everything needed for their daily shop – all specially selected for Gelderlandplein. The store also offers a wide range of organic products that Gelderlandplein consumers are familiar with. With their extensive product range, the supermarket chain caters to the varying needs of customers in the market area. So it is the ideal place for local residents, passers-by, students and staff from nearby businesses.

Kroonenberg Groep is advised by KroesePaternotte in leasing properties at Gelderlandplein.