Gelderlandplein is turning 50!

Gelderlandplein is turning 50, so we're celebrating with 5 Golden Days!


Shop, Grab & Win...


From 27 to 31 March your purchases over €15,- in Gelderlandplein will be rewarded with a 'golden' coin*. You can redeem this coin in the GoldGrabber to have a chance of winning of the amazing prizes of our shops or restaurants! Then you can immediately claim your prize at the shop. If you win a voucher, this can be redeemed within a month.


Opening hours GoldGrabber

Wednesday 27 March

09.30 - 19.00

Thursday 28 March

09.30 - 19.00

Friday 29 March

09.30 - 19.00

Saturday 30 March

09.30 - 18.00

Sunday 31 March

12.00 - 17.00

* Albert Heijn XL will hand you a voucher with a picture of the GP50 coin, which can be exchanged for the real thing at the counter near the GoldGrabber in the central square.

At Gelderlandplein you can finf anything, so the GoldGrabber offers a variation of prizes. Did you always want to have a tailormade shirt? Treat yourself with a new beautyset? A cool dinosaur package? One minute of shopping free of charge at AH XL? Or a voucher to get whatever you'd like?

Take your chances at the GoldGrabber and maybe you are the lucky winner of one of the amazing prizes!

Kids icons scavenger hunt

The kids will have a great time as well! Of course they can try to grab something at a special GoldGrabber ánd there will be a expedition with kids icons for them. 

With the application form at the counter, scour Gelderlandplein for the balloonficures. Every day a winner will be chosen who receives the dayprize of €100 shopcredit, and after the 5 Golden Days a grand prize winner will receive a Nintendo Switch!



Prizes are made available by Gelderlandplein's shops & restaurants