Technology joins art in 'TRIANGULAR GRID' (2018) by Sigrid Calon


The major redevelopment of the Kalverpassage - previously the Kalvertoren - created a logical connection between Heiligeweg and Kalverstraat. It’s also resulted in a successful new retail mix and an impressive LED ceiling that will make the Kalverpassage an important destination in Amsterdam.

During the conversion of the Kalverpassage, ceiling elements made from triangular LED panels were installed in the entrance areas. These panels were especially designed for the Kalverpassage and can be controlled individually or simultaneously. In addition, the LED lamps can display an endless spectrum of colours. To maximise the unique characteristics of the ceiling, Kroonenberg Groep asked visual artist Sigrid Calon to design a site-specific work of light art for the Kalverpassage.

Selecting Calon for the project, however, wasn’t an obvious choice for Kroonenberg Groep. Their search for the right artist led them to get advice from Arttenders, an organisation that specialises in creating sustainable collaborations between the business world and the art market. Faye Ellen and Siobhan Burger at Arttenders had already worked with Calon, knew of her wish to create a digital piece, and saw the complex ‘canvas’ - the triangular LED grid - as the perfect challenge for her artistic signature. They also advised Kroonenberg Groep not to work with existing software but to take on a specialised digital partner who wasn’t afraid to think outside the box. This production partner for the project turned out to be Naivi. Coen Klösters, who founded Naivi, created a customised digital ‘paintbrush’ in the form of an app that Calon could use to project her work directly onto the screens.


TRIANGULAR GRID: 365 days of different images

To create ‘TRIANGULAR GRID’ (2018), Sigrid Calon explored the limits and possibilities offered by triangular LED panels and developed a complex, almost mathematical formula that would create a different grid every minute. Together with Klösters, she then looked into all the possibilities that an RGB LED screen could offer in the way of colour. This led to a colour range containing 365 colours based on the number of days in a year. Within this, she created a range of 53 off-whites: one for every week. Each week would consist of a palette of 7 colours including one off-white in which no more than 4 colours would be visible in the grid at the same time. In addition, each day of the week would have a basic shape and directional position on the grid.

Klösters and Calon worked together on developing an app she could use to enter the variables (the colours, composition and patterns) that she wanted. The app itself would then generate the unique composition for the screens as based on the patterns. Combining these elements could then create a unique experience every minute in the year.


 About Sigrid Calon

Sigrid Calon is both a designer and illustrator who combines the graphic arts with hypnotic patterns, textile printing and extremely geometric shapes to produce interesting new colour combinations. Her way of working depends on the scale of the project so her methods always depend on the client’s demands. She usually starts off with an identity investigation to discover the best approach for a specific project. This means that her creations are always bespoke. Her inquisitiveness results in new perspectives, and her unique imagery creates order from chaos.

About Kroonenberg Groep

Kroonenberg Groep provides shopping, office and residential space. Our own property portfolio is continuously optimised and tailored to market demands. In our commitment to supply added value, we combine our creativity and a sharp eye for detail with financial dynamism and quick decisiveness. Our goal is to balance development, excellent management and a good return.

About Arttenders

Siobhan Burger and Faye Ellen Arttenders founded Arttenders in 2015 with the purpose of connecting art with the business community. They do this by matching an organisation’s requests with appropriate art solutions. These solutions could take the form of a site-specific piece commissioned for a property development project, office spaces or the development of a public or semi-public space, etc. as well as art for marketing purposes. They have realised projects commissioned by such clients as Kroonenberg Groep, Provast, CIC Rotterdam and the Woning Stichting Den Helder.

 About Naivi

Naivi designs and develops custom software for creative projects. Coming from a background in the film and game industry, Naivi’s founders Coen Klösters and Bas Korsmit started the company early in 2015 in order to bridge the gap between creativity and technology. By focusing on tailor made, high-end software development, they surpass the barriers that come with standard software applications, making each project unique.