Kroonenberg Groep has reached an agreement with Albert Jan Vos, the former director of cinema operator JT Bioscopen, for a long-term lease in the Keyserstroom shopping centre. The property to be leased provides approx. 2,500 m² intended for use as a cinema complex and a restaurant facility in the renovated shopping centre. The lease will go into effect at the end of 2018.

The cinema complex will be called Luxor in reference to the cinema previously located in Meppel. This 4-screen complex will provide a total of 360 seats all covered in classical cinema style with red velvet. Around 100,000 visitors are expected to make use of the cinema complex every year. The adjoining restaurant facility will offer a terrace at the front of the building.

Albert Jan Vos began his career as a cinema manager in Meppel; he operated two cinemas in the region for a number of years and managed JT Bioscopen for four years. But he also has experience with the cinema + restaurant combination; after all, he is responsible for the very successful restaurant/cinema concept in Hogeveen known as Het Postkantoor.

‘I just can’t seem to get away from running cinemas!’ says Albert Jan Vos. ‘When I managed JT, I was forced to close the cinema in Meppel in 2015, which is why it makes it even more special for me to open its new version. This time, however, it won’t only be a good cinema but will also include an attractive restaurant like the one in Hoogeveen. This has proven successful for years, so it should do the same in Meppel!’

Alderman Roelof Pieter Koning: We announce the coming of the cinema complex back in the spring of 2017; it’s fantastic for Meppel that Kroonenberg Groep has now contracted such an experienced operator. It’s also a wonderful start for the further occupancy of the Keyserstroom as well as being a beneficial development for the allure of Meppel’s city centre.’

The Keyserstroom, located in Meppel’s main shopping district, is currently being thoroughly renovated according to a design by the architectural firm of E UP Design. Central to this design are its provision of a pleasant experience and its function for getting people together. The addition of a cinema complex and restaurant will attract more visitors to Meppel who will spend more time here, and this will add to the liveliness of this part of the city.

The renovated Keyserstroom is expected to open at the end of 2018. Meanwhile, the shopping centre will remain open during construction activities.


This transaction was realised by the efforts of E.CP, the project developer of the Keyserstroom.