Kroonenberg Group has reached an agreement with Bever for a long-term lease in the Hilvertshof shopping centre in Hilversum. This agreement will begin on 1 April 2018.

Bever is opening a store of approximately 700 m² on the first floor. The store is located opposite H&M and Kruidvat and immediately adjacent to the escalators on the Zeedijk entrance side.

Bever profiles itself as an authentic ambassador for the outdoors. Building on their own outdoor adventures and in-depth product expertise, they manage to inspire countless customers and visitors every day with even more passion for the outdoors. Bever was established in 1977 and is part of the A.S. Adventure Group, the most successful outdoor chain in Europe.

After a brief fitting-out period, Bever expects its store in Hilvertshof to open its doors in mid-May.

Kroonenberg Group was assisted by KroesePaternotte in relation to the Hilvertshof lease.