A makeover of the area around the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam-West.


Property developers Boelens de Gruyter and Kroonenberg Groep are going to collaborate on redeveloping the zone around the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam-West. A unique aspect of this plan is its realisation of a new district on top of an existing district.


Above three office complexes a new residential area will be built providing around 600 apartments, including a large public area and facilities to make the neighbourhood even more attractive. The plan involves three commercial buildings: Berghaus Plaza, The Fashion House and Modrôme. The number of square metres above ground level will increase from approx. 33,000 m² to around 90,000 m².


Letter of intent

Kroonenberg Groep owns Berghaus Plaza; Boelens de Gruyter is the owner of Modrôme and The Fashion House. As the delegated project developer, Boelens de Gruyter will also facilitate the redevelopment of Berghaus Plaza. Both parties recently signed a letter of intent with the municipality with which the developers are closely collaborating.


Meetings have already been held for the local residents who will continue to be involved a number of times in this process. Parking issues will be solved by constructing underground parking facilities. Sufficient indoor bicycle parking facilities will also be provided. This development plan will include social housing and middle-segment rental housing as well as privately owned housing.


Connection between the areas

The plan includes creating connections between the various areas within the area by adding bridges and a public square. All housing will be developed with sustainability in mind; this includes green roofs and an EPC of less than 0.15. KCAP Architects & Planners is responsible for the urban planning design.


‘This area has enormous potential; it’s one of Amsterdam’s hidden pearls’, says Lesley Bamberger of Kroonenberg Groep. ‘Although it’s located just beyond the ring, it’s still close to the centre of Amsterdam, the A10 ring road and a railway station. It’s a perfect site for combining residential with work functions and this redevelopment will provide a substantial impetus for both. Together with Boelens de Gruyter and in collaboration with the municipality, we want make a beautiful contribution to the City of Amsterdam.’


District on district

‘We are proud that Kroonenberg Groep is entrusting us with this unique urban redevelopment project that includes working on their own building,’ says Maarten de Gruyter, Director of Boelens de Gruyter. ‘A substantial percentage of the housing units will be constructed on top of existing office buildings. It’s like creating a district on top of a district. At the same time, we’re making the area accessible and adding both green space and amenities.’


The surrounding area, including the Podium Area, World Fashion Centre Tower 3 and Gerrit Mannourystraat, will also be involved in several redevelopment projects. Meanwhile, the Little Manhattan project next to the Amsterdam Lelylaan railway station has now been completed. Over the next four years, around 2500 new homes will be realised in this area.


About Kroonenberg Groep

Kroonenberg Groep provides shopping, working and residential space. Our own property portfolio is continuously optimised and tailored to market demands. In our commitment to supply added value, we combine our creativity and a sharp eye for detail with financial dynamism and quick decisiveness. Our goal is a perfect balance between development, excellent management and a good return.  


About Boelens de Gruyter

Boelens de Gruyter is a property developer specialising in urban redevelopment. This firm enjoys challenges involving transforming not only existing buildings into properties with a new sustainable future but also redeveloping existing urban areas into a completely new function. Good examples are the successful transformations of the Parool Tower and the Trouw Building on Wibautstraat in Amsterdam. Others include the redevelopment of the former KPN buildings in Den Bosch and Venlo into a new residential/working zone in Den Bosch and a new museum/working zone in Venlo Boelens de Gruyter is also a partner in the makeover of the Kanaalzone in Utrecht where business premises are being redeveloped into a new green urban district known as Merwede.