The Amsterdam Food Bank provides 1200 families a week with a food package from one of its 14 distribution locations throughout the city.
To obtain this food for these families, the Food Bank depends on supplies from producers, supermarket chains, wholesalers, distribution centres, etc. Much food has a long storage life but the Food Bank would like to add more fresh products to what it supplies.
To do this, the Food Bank wanted to have vehicles stop at supermarkets every day to collect the fresh products that would no longer be sold. The only effective and responsible way to do this would be to use refrigerated transport.

To enable this, Kroonenberg Groep is leasing two refrigerated buses so that the Food Bank can use them in Amsterdam on a daily basis. For the time being, this is a three-year contract.

Lesley Bamberger, CEO, sees this collaboration with the Amsterdam Food Bank as an obvious choice on the part of Kroonenberg Groep. ‘We are committed to contributing to worthwhile initiatives in the city - initiatives that can make that little bit of difference for many people. The fact that this is a way for us to make sure that people who are dependent on the Food Bank can have a healthier diet is very important for us. And it’s also a way for us to help keep food from being wasted.’

The Amsterdam Food Bank is extremely pleased with the support provided by Kroonenberg Groep since it will guarantee the continuity of the Food Bank Brigade’s efforts for the next three years. The Food Bank Brigade is the organisation within the Food Bank which is responsible for collecting the perishable food items from the companies that support the Food Bank. With the assistance now being provided by Kroonenberg Groep, the Food Bank Brigade will be an everyday link in both keeping food from being wasted and helping in the fight against poverty.