Kroonenberg Groep has reached an agreement with Vinea Vakanties B.V. regarding a long-term lease for a property at Ontariodreef 14 in Utrecht. The property being leased provides 1,000 m² that will be used as commercial and office space as well as storage and distribution space for holiday, camping and promotional materials.

Vinea organises holidays for children and young people aged 7 to 19. For more than 65 years, Vinea has been giving them the chance to develop themselves, widen their horizons, make friends and enjoy a wonderful holiday with others. At its website, vinea.nl, Vinea offers a wide selection of holidays ranging from kitesurfing to horseback riding, sailing and snowboarding.
The company moved into its new accommodations on 1 February.

Kroonenberg Groep was represented in this transaction by Alberts & Muus Bedrijfshuisvesting B.V and Cushman & Wakefield.